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Show Co-Chairs - Linda Parker, Holly Woodward

Steering Committee - Ann Steinbacher, Barb Dalane

and Julie LaFreniere

Executive Assistant to Co-Chairs - Duane Pulford 

Treasurer - Mike Crowley 

Website - Cyndi Olson & Barb Dalane

Show Secretary - Executive Dog Shows LLC 

Agility - Kathy Hunter, Chair, Louise Traska, Merris Williams, Jayne Christie, Beth Cashwiler

Agility Secretary - Fast Times Agility

Obedience/Rally - Jayne & Mary Christie, Chairs Susan Friedenberg, Carol Soeldner, Louise Traska, Merris Williams

Earthdog - Linda Heath, Chair 

Nancy Goldman, Secretary, Michele Emond, Camilla Moon, John Parker, Gail Warnick, Cyndi Olson, Lynn Muramaru, Mary Downs, Duane Pulford

Pending - Fast CAT - Alice Dickson, Chair

Bobbi Hurst, Leslie Sprando, Gail Warnick, Lynn Muramaru, Ann and Matt Leist, Mary Downs

Barn Hunt - Alice Dickson, Chair 

Bobbi Hurst, Leslie Sprando

Conformation Stewards - Christine Coletti,

Richard Coletti & Star Ott

Sweeps Stewards -  Julie LaFreniere, Chief

John Parker, Marcie Geibel. Duane Pulford, Ruth Ann Nuan   

Junior Showmanship Steward - Lauren Ronse, Chair

Health Clinics - D'Arcy Downs-Vollbracht, Chair 

Marg Pough, Dawn and Lyman Kelley, Mary Downs

If you are interested in working on a committee contact the committee chair.  If you do please cc either Linda ( or Holly ( on the email so we can keep our master list up to date.

 Show Committee

Parade of Honor - Versatility Committee

Trophies - Eileen Zaldonis, Chair - Judith Rivers

Ribbon Coordinator - Julie LaFreniere, Chair

Judith Rivers

Catalog Ads - Ann Steinbacher & Barb Dalane 

Catalog Sales - Amanda Pough 

Live Auction - Julie LaFreniere & Linda Parker 

Silent Auction - Ellen Hetherington, Julie LaFreniere

Facebook Auction - Lauren Ronse, Sharon Scruggs

Logo Items - Marcie Geibel, Chair, Jack McCullagh

Breeder’s Education Seminar - Breeder’s Education Committee 

Pat Hastings Seminar - Julie LaFreniere

Dinners - Debbie Lawton  

Daytime Food Vendors - Jim Dickson 

Hospitality -  Bobbi Hurst

Hotel Liaison -  Ann Steinbacher 

Meeting Coordinator -  Holly Woodward  

Vendors - Mary Ellen Moehler 

Grounds and Equipment - John Parker, Julie LaFreniere

Photographer - JC Photography 

Around the Ring Photographer - Lisa Jack

RV Parking - Michele Emond & Barbara Wood

Judges’ Hospitality - Patrick Glover 

Specialty Artwork - Barbara Dalane 

Flowers - Ann Steinbacher & Alice Dickson

Videographer - TBA

Publicity - Lauren Ronse 

Fundraising - Eileen Zaldonis 

Emergency Care Plan - Holly Woodward

Welcome Party - Linda Parker

Welcome Bags - Pam Mueller

Ring & Picture Decorations - Ann Steinbacher, Alice Dickson

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